A Far Cry

“War is a long way from home…”


World War II drama. In the aftermath of a bloody skirmish between British and German troops, sole-survivor Private Miles, finds an orphaned baby on the battlefield. Faced with a perilous journey back to HQ through enemy-occupied territory, ultimately Miles, must choose between his life and that of the infants.

Cast and Crew

Director: Gary O’Brien
Producer: Paul Laight, Gary O’Brien
Screenwriter: Paul Laight
Cast: Philip Delancy, Emily Stronge, Jason Lavene

Running Time

15 mins


August 2006

Screenings To Date

Blue Light District, London
Bracknell Film Society, Bracknell
Burnt Pictures Screening, London
Eleventh Hour Pictures Screening, London
Non-Multiplex Cinema, Roxy Bar, London
Propeller TV – Sky Channel 195
Reading Fringe Festival, South Street Arts Centre
Rotoreliefs, Roxy Bar, London Bridge
Sutton Film Festival, London

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