The Fireproof Scratch Duck

The FireProof Skratch Duck or The FPSD has been working as an independent turntablist since around 2000. In that time he has honed his skills and released several underground albums. In around 2007 he jointly formed a band, The Response Collective – – with a bassist, keyboardist and a guitarist.

The band has played many gigs and released 2 albums, and had their music featured in the Red Dwarf: Back To Earth TV specials.

As a soloist, The FPSD has taken many disparate musical influences to make his tracks. Many are inspired by big beat artists such as Fatboy Slim and the Chemical Brothers, and then held together with riffs and melodies from artists like Genesis, Madonna and U2. As such, the tracks are essentially studio creations and the Skratch Duck sees that his role as producer of these tracks is equally as important as the skratches he adds to them.

The resulting music is big beat style tracks but with familiar and melodic elements mixed in with turntable madness to create a quite distinct sound that blurs the line between original music and a DJ set.

Response Collective – Lizards HQ Version

FPSD – Midnight Gunfire

Tropical State Remix by The Fireproof Scratch Duck