PAUL LAIGHT – Writer / Producer / Comedian

PAUL has been committed to a writing career from a very early age. In 1997, he graduated from Staffordshire University with a first-class degree in Film, TV and Radio Studies. His 2nd year short film project The Arts File won a Stoke-on-Trent Young Filmmaker’s award. Subsequently, he worked as a Production Assistant on a number of promos and successfully completed a work placement at Sky Movies. In 2002, he gained an MA in Feature Film Screenwriting from Royal Holloway College of London and since graduation has written several feature and many short film scripts.

In 2005, he formed Fix Films and has written and produced many shorts and other promos. He’s also had several short screenplays commissioned by the Mountview Film Academy and film director Jonathan Wolff. In 2018, Paul wrote, produced and directed the shorts: Flatmates (2018), Don’t Trust Me (2018) and Misdirection (2018). In 2019, he wrote and directed the film Tolerance (2019), completed a feature film screenplay called The World Won’t Listen and filmed another short called, You Have a New Follower (2020). Many of his shorts have been screened all over the world at various film festivals.

Paul is a versatile and prolific writer with ideas in abundance and a very strong feel for structure, characterisation and dialogue. He favours thought-provoking and entertaining narratives with memorable characters, images and scenes. While he values all styles of film, he tends toward genre movies as opposed to overtly “arty” cinema. Moreover, being involved in the producing, casting and crewing of low budget shorts has given him great experience and insight into the filmmaking process.

Since 2008, Paul has been on the exciting merry-go-round that is the stand-up comedy circuit. He has done over 800+ gigs to date in London and all over the country. He regularly gets paid bookings as a comic and MC in and out of town and has performed at the Comedy Store, Up The Creek, Comedy Café and The Banana Cabaret; as well as at the Brighton and Camden Fringe Festivals respectively. You can also check out his essays, reviews and articles on film and culture at his review site: The Cinema Fix.

Website: www.fixfilms.co.uk
Blog: www.thecinemafix.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/FixFilmsLtd

GARY O’BRIEN – Director / Producer / DJ

Gary has been directing since his early teens making movies and skits guerrilla style, exploiting the time and good nature of his family and friends. During this same period, he has worked on feature films and TV shows, as well as a milieu of corporate events. His roles have ranged from VFX technician in James Bond: Die Another Day and Oliver Stone’s Alexander, to vision mixing and directing live music concerts as well as shows for BT, CNN and Cisco Systems. His work has taken him as far afield as New York, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Morocco and sunny Staines! Gary has also worked as a graphics operator for various live television programmes, as well as for corporate clients.

Back in 2003 he had the pleasure of working closely with the late Bob Monkhouse and televisions’ Tony Hawks on long-time associate and friend, Jeremy Englers’ own 50min pilot sitcom. This project enabled Gary to work with seniority as 2nd unit director, VFX artist, and camera operator amongst other things. His own work has been shown on primetime TV, when he netted himself a £1000 pounds of prize money when he won a short film competition on Channel 4.

A partner in Fix Films Ltd, an up and coming production company, that has made many short films, promos and Star Trek fan films. Fix Films represents a great company that offers fabulous opportunities to hone his directing, producing as well as editing skills. Whilst at the same time puts great films out there for wider audiences to enjoy, be they on television, online or in the cinema. Gary runs his own boutique Universal Video production company and has no sense of smell.

Website: www.universalvideo.co.uk
Website: www.startrekshortfilm.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/FPSD